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Te Hahi Waka Huihui i Nga Tangata o Tamaki Makaurau  

Auckland Rainbow Community Church

Auckland Rainbow Community Church:

- worships God as a caring and supportive Christian community.
- provides an affirming and welcoming environment for all, and especially for those who are lesbian, bisexual, gay, or transgendered.
- supports the wider community both financially and through our participation in community organizations and events.

Auckland Rainbow Community Church meets every Sunday evening at 7.30 pm for worship, which usually takes the form of a Eucharist. We meet at St Matthew-in-the-City, on the corner of Wellesley and Hobson Streets which has been a welcoming host for over 30 years.







On Discrimination in ordination in the Anglican Church

At the end of the service held on 5 May, we had a free discussion of the issues around the  complaint to the Human Rights Tribunal of discrimination against a gay man.


A number of points were raised:

  • Auckland Rainbow Community Church absolutely rejects discrimination based on sexual orientation. We made oral and written submissions to this effect in 1992. We ask those Christian churches which practice this discrimination to change their ways.
  • We also acknowledge the difficult position of the Anglican Bishop of Auckland. The Right Rev Ross Bay has displayed courage and deep pastoral concern in his dealings with these and related matters.  It would be deeply upsetting if this complaint resulted in any judgementalism or demonisation of him personally. Numerous examples of Bishop Ross's care for gay priests in the diocese were recounted.
  • We uphold those making this complaint in our prayers.  We are confident that everyone caught up in this matter acts in accordance with conscience and seeks to be faithful to the Gospel of Christ.






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